Beautifully simple time tracking

oat5 is a simple web based time tracking software.
It is easy to track your time and expenses on projects, tasks and clients

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Why use simple time tracking software?

With simple and easy to use time tracking software
you and your employees will love tracking time.


oat5 is the easiest time tracking software on the market! Its intuitive and easy to use for everybody.


You can customize oat5 for your companies needs.
Just with plugins like expenses or driving on and off as you wish.

Get Started in Minutes

Getting started with oat5 is incredibly easy.
You can set up your entire team or company in just a few minutes!

You can use it to track time and expenses on Projects, Tasks and Clients.

What Clients Said

Packed with features

  • Time tracking. Easily track you and your team member or co-workers time on clients, projects and tasks. (duration and start/finish are possible)

  • Expenses. Keep track of expenses from everybody in your company. You can even find a complete report over it later.

  • Projects and tasks. With oat5 you can add as many projects and tasks as you want, keep track of time and expenses on all of them.

  • Clients. Add the client plugin and keep track of how much time you are spending on each client.

  • Driving. Track your daily kilometers on clients and project to keep an journal of your driving expenses.

  • Reporting. Advanced options for reporting when your manging employees, and for the employees they can see there time spent each week.

  • Notification. Tired of always creating new reports for all employees? make the system work for you, and get them sent whenever you want.

Works on all platforms

With oat5 you can easily track your time on your iphone, android, tablet or computer.

The software is made responsible so that you can use it no matter where you are, and what you are using.